Nati 4 Life Trust

Nati4Life Trust was set up in 2015 made up of whanau who have lost whanau to Suicide. The Kaupapa is to get Awareness into our communities/whanau.

0508 TAUTOKO (828 865) is a free, 24/7 helpline 

Nati4Life Mission Statement

To achieve a future where there is no suicide in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Working to support NZ suicide prevention strategy that every life matters.

To provide a safe space to all who became a part of our Nati4Life whanau.

To engage with communities, coming together with services around suicide prevention and intervention and other trauma related issues within Aotearoa.

Promoting education and support by helping communities take responsibility in supporting and promoting excellence within all key areas of suicide prevention and intervention.

Suicide Crisis Helpline

0508 TAUTOKO (828 865) is a free, 24/7 helpline for any person who is thinking about or attempted suicide, concerned about or supporting someone else or who is recently bereaved by suicide.

0508 TAUTOKO (828 865) is a free, 24/7 helpline